Thunderhill West CCW 12/10
Corsa Club LLC

Thunderhill West CCW 12/10

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Corsa Club reserves the right to adjust your run group accordingly before and during the event if we feel you do not meet the specified criteria. 

Minimum Requirements:

Beginner: 0-3 track days

Point by passing on straights only, no corner passing

Low Intermediate: 4+ track days

Point by passing required on both straights and corners

High Intermediate: 9+ track days 

Point by passing in corners, open passing on straights

Advance: 15+ track days 

Open passing - point by recommended

Refund Policy: 

Within one month of the event, no refunds may be issued. No exceptions. 

We do not provide future credits.  

Transfer Policy: 

You may sell or transfer your registration to another individual for $10. Please contact us as soon as your registration is sold.